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Neemrana and Mehrangarh Zip Line Tour

Zip line tours are becoming popular vacation activities, found at outdoor adventure camps or upscale resorts, where they may be an element on a larger challenge or ropes course. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding on to, or attaching to, the freely moving spinning wheel. Zip line tours available in Neemrana and Mehrangarh.


Zip Line Tour

One of Delhi’s favorite devilments, Neemrana is an ancient historical town in Alwar district of Rajasthan, situated about 100 km from Delhi and 150 km from Jaipur. The Fort Palace is reputedly known as India’s first heritage hotel and a 5-Star location. Neemrana is also one of the best destinations that is famous for its adventure-driven activities. Enjoy breath-taking views as you fly down a series of ultra-strong steel zip lines, securely attached by a harness and pulley – propelled simply by gravity. Trained instructors accompany you to ensure your safety and entertain you with their local knowledge. The tour takes about 2 hours.


Our 5 zip line tour flies you over a 15th century fort-palace, offering magnificent views of the Aravallis as you zip through over 1250m of flight.


Zip Line Tour

Zip line tour at Mehrangarh fort, you can zip through the open sky between ridge tops or between two fixed points at Mehrangarh fort. With 6 zip-lines totaling over 1000m of flight you are guaranteed to have an exciting and action-packed time. Two lakes, the rolling emerald green Chokelao and Rao Jodha gardens and a sea of blue rooftops of houses tinged with time; there are those and plenty more sights that will amaze and dazzle you.

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